Our Vision -

Transformation in the society’s approach to the use and disposal of plastics for environmental conservation and sustainable development of India.

Our Mission -

To significantly reduce plastic pollution in environment thorough creation of awareness about the harms of plastic pollution and to educate people at large about the safe disposal of plastic waste.

Our Objectives –

1. To create awareness about PLASTIC POLLUTION through participation in public programmes, tapping social and other media and involvement of educational and other institutions;

2. To focus on discontinuation of single use plastics through dissemination of information about its adverse environmental impact;

3. To inculcate change in habits (behavioural change) of the people so that there is discernible reduction in reliance on plastics in our daily routine;

4. To attempt policy shifts in the Government so as to encourage use of plastic substitutes and discourage use of plastics;

5. To emphasise Sustainable Economic Development through adapting the means for such development in a manner that plastic content therein is reduced;

6. To promote partnership, innovation and knowledge against plastic pollution and undertake activities as per emerging needs.

Registered Office:

Foundation for
Campaign Against Plastic Pollution
66, Greenwoods Govt Officers Welfare Society
Phase 2 Sector Omega – 1
District-Gautam Buddha Nagar
Uttar Pradesh, INDIA


1. Anoop Kumar Srivastava
2. Akash Shinghal


1. Anoop Kumar Srivastava
2. Uma Srivastava
3. Pushp Dant
4. Seema Bhargava
5. Thangi Mannen

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