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If you are deeply committed to doing something concrete to fight plastic pollution in the environment and make the future safe for the present and future generations, you may join the Foundation for Campaign Against Plastic Pollution (referred to as ‘Foundation’ hereinafter) as a volunteer. The process is very simple as explained below. You just have to fill up volunteer registration form online and submit it.

Your services may occasionally be utilised for the activities of the Foundation, as per your inclination indicated in the volunteer registration form, subject to your availability. Usually, you will be called upon to assist in the activities of the Foundation in the place of your residence and areas surrounding it. You should be willing to offer your services voluntarily without expectation of any remuneration in return. However, a certificate of recognition of your services will be issued to you.

Instructions for filling up the application form

Most of the fields /columns are self-evident and require no explanation. All fields are mandatory except Aadhaar number, but in case any field is not relevant for you, for example, if you don’t have an email address, just insert the hyphen sign (-) in the field.

You will have to upload a photograph of yours, where ‘image’ rectangle is given. So, please keep your photo in JPEG format of reasonable size ready.

You will also have to upload a scanned self-attested copy of your identity proof, such as passport or election voter ID card or driving license. Therefore, keep the scanned self-attested copy of your identity proof ready before starting to fill up the volunteer registration form.

When you are ready to start filling the Volunteer registration form, please click the link below:

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Foundation for
Campaign Against Plastic Pollution
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1. Anoop Kumar Srivastava
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5. Thangi Mannen

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